Homemakers Upstate Group Inc.,
CareGivers/Rely Health Care
Corporate Compliance Program

All staff shall adhere to and be instructed on federal, state and local regulations at time of hire and throughout their employment.
Conduct Requirements:

  1.  Documents are not concealed, altered or destroyed at any time.
  2.  Advance preparation of any document is strictly prohibited.
  3.  Employees shall not lie or make misleading statements.

False Claims Act:
Any person who knowingly presents or causes to be presented a false or fraudulent claim for payment or approval by the state/federal government or a false record or statement to get a false or fraudulent claim paid or approved by state/federal government is subject to civil liability and damages.
Examples of False Claims:

  • billing for services that were not provided,
  • duplicate billing 2 payer sources for the same service, (Example: Medicaid and the client)
  • having unlicensed persons perform services that only a licensed professional should render and bills as if the professional provided the service,
  • billing for more time that actually provided.

Any suspected or known violations should be immediately reported to the branch Administrator.
Confidential and anonymous reporting of compliance issues or concerns:
Confidential reporting of suspected violations should begin with the branch administrator without fear of reprisal or retribution on the part of any employee.  If the employee is not comfortable speaking with the administrator, they may contact the Corporate Compliance Officer, Bader Reynolds via email at: breynolds@caregivershomecare.com or by phone at (315)797-7050.
The Governing Body is responsible for guiding the investigation of suspected violations and the enforcement of appropriate disciplinary action against employees who have violated the policies.
Disciplinary actions shall be imposed for:

  • failure to report
  • participating in non-compliant behaviors
  • encouraging, directing, facilitating or permitting non-compliant behavior.

Governing Body will impose disciplinary actions consistent with the violation.

Governing Body will coordinate the investigation with the Compliance Committee and recommend corrective action.  All employees are expected to cooperate fully with the investigation.

Rev. 2020